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Why I Chose a Career in Human Resources Management

I’ve always been the person people turn to in times of need. Perhaps it’s because I have great organizational skills, or maybe it’s because I am not afraid to take charge of a situation when leadership is needed. These traits are necessary to HR fields.

Precision, Practicality, and Professionalism

There is an endless demand in the job market for those who thrive in a fast-paced environment. Multi-tasking, efficiency, logical thinking and attention to detail have been valuable assets to me in the wide world of the HR industry. I enjoy working with people and have a knack for delegating responsibility equitably to get work done quickly and correctly.

There are opportunities to earn a comfortable living in one of the 4 or 5 major areas of Human Resources management. The average pay for a mid-level manager is about $110k/year, making this a lucrative career choice. Specializations have the potential to double that rate!

Educational Requirements Vary by Specialization and Employer

Once I decided that Human Resources management was the field for me, I had to choose an area of specialization. This is vital to attaining the proper credentials for each category in HR, but each company has its own set of specific requirements. A Master of Human Resources Management degree is typically viewed as most desirable, but it may not be a necessity.

With the rising costs of tuition, it’s a good idea to diligently research the requirements of the niche you are most interested in before choosing your training program. While there are basic skills that all HR managers need, every job will have its own set of must-haves.

I’m the Human Side of HR

I wear many hats in my daily responsibilities for the company that I work for. It’s a small business, which requires me to have a broad spectrum of HR skills. My most important role is communications, though. I am the go-between for employees, my employer, customers, and vendors. Every aspect of the business lands on my desk at some point.

I am the person who recruits new additions to the team, and though not my favourite aspect of the job, I am also the person who must fire employees. I prefer the hiring part, if I’m being honest because it is a much happier occasion when someone gains employment versus losing it.

Drop By My Office?

I’m not only a Recruitment manager, I oversee scheduling, too. I’m the person you contact when you need time off, and I’m also the one who approves or denies overtime, promotions, and transfers. Insurance enrollment, correspondence, and event planning are all parts of HR management.

When you have a major life change, your paperwork inevitably needs to be updated at some point. I’ll make sure it’s submitted on time, and correctly. I truly enjoy my role in my company and my community, because I get to be helpful to both. Human Resource management is about people helping people.