CRD Awards

CRD Awards

CRD Lifetime Service Award

The purpose of the Lifetime Service Award is to recognize persons who have made extraordinary contributions to the Council for Resource Development through service to CRD at the national, regional and state levels and to encourage two-year college development officers to work at the national, regional, and state levels to strengthen their professional organization. This award carries with it lifetime membership in the Council.

CRD Congressional Award

The purpose of the CRD Congressional Award is to recognize a Congressperson or Senator who has assisted significantly in the passage of legislation that benefits higher education, especially community college education. It is also designed to assist the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) in recognizing those efforts.

CRD Campus Impact Awards

The CRD Campus Impact Awards recognize the efforts of individuals or teams that have made a significant positive impact on a community college and/or the students it serves.  There are no restrictions on the types of activities that qualify for consideration (e.g. successful advocacy, writing grants, donor solicitation, developing business partnerships). There are four categories for consideration: Grants Professional, Private Fundraising Individual, Non-Development Professional, and Volunteer.

CRD Special Recognition Award

The CRD Special Recognition Award for Service to Two-Year Colleges is a special recognition for people other than those receiving the CRD Lifetime Service Award and those receiving the Congressional Award. It recognizes service and potential service.

CRE Benefactor Awards

The CRD Benefactor Award recognizes individuals, foundations, or businesses/corporations for outstanding contributions to community colleges. The CRD Benefactor Award embodies the ideals of philanthropy, leadership, and volunteerism in the service of community, technical, and junior colleges. One recipient from each of CRD's ten regions will receive the award on behalf of that region at the gala CRD Benefactor Awards Banquet in conjunction with the CRD Annual National Conference in Washington, DC.

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Our staff believe in connecting people, resources and opportunities. CRD helps us drive these actions by providing tools and training so we can educate our board and volunteers, strengthen our skills and knowledge base, and find support and mentoring from our peers throughout the country. We're steeped in the culture to thank our donors, and now is a chance to turn around and thank CRD and all its members for helping us be successful in building a strong and committed group of donors and volunteers. Thanks CRD!"

Josh Gerstman, Development Director
Green River Community College, WA