Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

The CRD Code of Ethics

Resource Development Professionals shall encourage sound business management practices, accounting procedures, fiduciary responsibility, and integrity in accepting grants and gifts;

Resource Development Professionals shall be employed by salary, retainer or fee for services and not by commission based on the value of gifts or grants secured;

Resource Development Professionals shall leave intact and maintain the confidentiality of all records, proposals, donor and prospect lists acquired in the professional service with the employer represented unless prior written consent is given for reproduction or removal of such materials;

Resource Development Professionals shall maintain a professional public demeanor;

Resource Development Professionals shall share freely non-confidential information with other professionals and shall promote the professional growth and opportunities of themselves and others through active membership in appropriate professional organizations.

GPA (Grant Professionals Association) Code of Ethics

AFP (Association of Fundraising Professionals) Ethics

Independent Sector Statement of Values and Code of Ethics for Nonprofit and Philanthropic Organizations


Our staff believe in connecting people, resources and opportunities. CRD helps us drive these actions by providing tools and training so we can educate our board and volunteers, strengthen our skills and knowledge base, and find support and mentoring from our peers throughout the country. We're steeped in the culture to thank our donors, and now is a chance to turn around and thank CRD and all its members for helping us be successful in building a strong and committed group of donors and volunteers. Thanks CRD!"

Josh Gerstman, Development Director
Green River Community College, WA