Don't take our word for it. Your investment in the premier community college resource development intern program will bring your institution a significant return on investment.

"With declines in state and local government funding for higher education forecasted to continue, it only makes sense for presidents to optimize every revenue source...and return on investment. By sending my development professional to CRD Boot Camp I was able to do both--tripling the annual percentage of total fundraising efforts the first year. What really got me excited was when she said the increase was a result of implementing some newer fundraising basics--and that I hadn't seen anything yet...and she was right. CRD Boot Camp was not a cost to me--it was an investment, with quick payback and long term dividends."

Wayne Hatcher, Ph.D.
Black River Technical College

"Northeast Iowa Community College began to see a return on investment within the first four months from returning from the training in 2009. We hired a grant writer and received our first $750,000 grant and applied for many more stimulus funds. We also have received a $300,000 federal appropriation which was the direct result of the training and my legislative visit while we were in Washington, DC, during the program. We are in the recruited new board members, revised the foundation's by-laws and began a $100,000 annual fund campaign."

Tracy Kruse
former Director of External Relations
Northeast Iowa Community College, IA
currently Associate Vice President for Develoment
Northeast Community College, NE
2009 CRD Alumni Intern

"My background is in four-year institutions, so the community college experience was new for me when I started at my institution. I was still very much a community college rookie when I attended specialist training. Attending specialist training was like jumping into  the deep end of the pool, you have no choice but to be completely immersed. I was struck at how passionate “these” people were for community colleges. From my colleagues to the speakers and presenters, every interaction helped shape my formative thoughts about our collective missions. Now roughly seven months later I’m one of “those” people. I have a passion for the advancement work we do, I believe in the quality and value of the education we provide. I am grateful for the experience and I’m very thankful for the support I’ve gotten through CRD."

Eric Slough
Coordinators of Grants and Major Gifts
Monroe County Community College, MI
2012 Alumni Intern

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Erin Cisler Joomla

"As a newcomer in the field of Alumni Relations, CRD has been a wonderful resource that has provided me an opportunity to benchmark against some of the best Alumni Relations Offices."

Erin Cisler
Alumni Relations Manager
Grand Rapids Community College, MI