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The Wastulips Washtenawhtenaw Community College Foundation is housed on the 285 acre campus of Washtenaw Community College in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in close proximity to the University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University, and just 40 miles from Detroit.

June is one of the loveliest months to be in Ann Arbor, after the University students have left for the summer and the famed Ann Arbor Summer Festival kicks-off with free outdoor concerts taking place on the campus green in front of the U of M’s Rackham Graduate School.  

Scholarships, grant-making, signature events. Governed by a 24 member volunteer board, the WCC  Foundation exists to support Washtenaw Community College and its students by awarding nearly 1000 scholarships each year to students in need. The amount of assistance to students totaled $571,000 in 2012 -2013. The Foundation also operates a grant-making program for faculty and staff that awarded $30,000 last year. To assist in raising unrestricted dollars, the Foundation hosts three signature events that generated more than $170,00 last year. All grant development efforts for the college also fall under the Foundation.

Millions in Federal Grant Funding In the past ten years, the Foundation has generated more than $10 million in grants, including two Dept. of Labor grants totaling $5 million. Last year the Foundation raised just over $1.3 million in contributions and has an endowment of $14.4 million.

Leading Campaigns Because the Foundation exists to help meet the resource development needs of the college, as well as the students, it has undertaken several major initiatives in its 27 year history, including launching campaigns to help:  fund the building of the college’s Morris Lawrence Building—the most public building on campus; renovate the campus Children’s Center; and raise an additional $1 million in scholarship support. The Foundation has recently embarked on a $8.5 million campaign focused on student access and success.

Washtenaw Community College enrolls approximately 20,000 credit students over the course of a year. Under the leadership of President Rose B. Bellanca, WCC has launched new partnerships with the local K-12 district to better prepare students for college and provide dual enrollment opportunities for students in high school, has strengthened its engagement in the more economically disadvantaged communities in the county to better serve at-risk populations, and has broadened its partnerships with local employers to provide more workforce training in the areas of I.T., healthcare, and others. Facts & Figures

Rated one of the best Midwest food towns by Midwest Living magazine, Ann Arbor also boasts several local breweries and a lively downtown scene.

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