W. Harvey Sharron Professional Development Scholarship

The W. Harvey Sharron, Jr. Professional Development Scholarship Fund is named in honor of one of CRD's Founders.

Harvey played a key role in the creation of the National Council for Resource Development (NCRD), which is now CRD. He started the CRD Internship Program (which branched into both the Annual National Conference, the Resource Development Specialist Training Program, and the Federal Funding Task Force) , helped found the Florida Council for Resource Development, compiled and edited the CRD Book THE COMMUNITY COLLEGE FOUNDATION, a major work that helped in the development of community college foundations throughout the United States. He was part of the editorial board with a second CRD book RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT IN THE TWO YEAR COLLEGE. He also was the author of several Resource Papers on Community College Foundations and Grants Development.

Harvey served as Vice President for Development at Santa Fe College for over 40 years during that time he and his team wrote grants that secured millions of dollars used to develop many of the SFC signature programs. Harvey's efforts with the SFC Foundation were known nationally as a model foundation. His work with the foundation board created over five education centers with private funds.

During his professional career, Harvey worked as a consultant on grants development and the development of community college foundations. He played an active role in the creation and development of more than 400 college foundations.

This scholarship fund will be used to distribute scholarships to members to attend professional development activities such as Specialist Training, Summer Workshops like the Alumni Development Workshop and the Major Gifts/Planned Giving Workshop, and the annual conference.

Funds will be used for registration costs or in some cases like the Specialist Training program, which is a two-week development program, scholarships will be used to help offset costs incurred by interns.

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Membership in CRD provides BSC college advancement staff with the private and public fundraising expertise to make exciting things happen on our campus: National Energy Center of Excellence, Bismarck Parks and Rec state-of-the-art Aquatics Center, and the technology labs in the Career Academy – partnerships that start local and extend global.

Dr. Larry Skogan
Bismarck State College, ND