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All recordings come with a link to the recording and the PPTs as well as any handouts that were distributed during the webinar.

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Best Practice for Online Scholarships & Grant Applications
OAD: November 28
Webinar on best practices for making your online scholarship application process much smoother.

Strategic Budgeting: Making Sure Your Goals Fit Your Budget
OAD: October 23rd
Webinar on Proposal development and successful grant proposals require due diligence in making sure the funding request matches the agency priorities, project goals, and objectives.

Private Sector Experience=Public Sector Foundation Success

OAD: October 9th
Webinar on how the Danvile Community College Educational Foundation was very successful in findraising in a short period of time.

June Webinars
OAD: June 4, 7, 13, 20
A series of webinars on various topics.

Planned Giving Series
OAD: May 17th,23rd and 24th
A series of webinars centered around a planned giving program at your college.

The Successful Search for Private Foundation Grants
OAD: April 26th
Why do foundations make grants? What are trends in foundation grant-making? How do grant seekers find and research foundations? How are relationships strengthened with foundations? How do you visit foundations and host foundation site visits? What are the essentials of successful grant proposals? What does not fly with foundations? and How can college executives, directors, volunteers and trustees be part of the grant-seeking process?
Get the answer to these questions and more. This webinar is ideal for new community college grant-seekers, experienced professionals and executives.


Philanthropy 101
OAD: April 25th
Community colleges do a good job of getting government grants but they aren't directing enough attention to private philanthropy. This webinar is how to generate a program for generating private gift income results-just like the four year colleges do and a bit of a general overview of philanthropy, its history and trends and the five basic fundamentals. This presentation received good reviews at the 45th Annual Conference.

Effective Beyond a Reasonable Doubt: The Importance of Evidence-Based Design in Your TAAC3T Grant Application - This recording is free to CRD members!
OAD: April 19th
Project leaders and grant writers involved in funded TAAC3T grants will share perspectives on what worked and what did not work. They will detail steps to take this year to increase the strength of your grant proposals and the impact of your student outcomes.

How to Make $300,00 in an Hour
OAD: April 4th
Learn how to put on an event that involves your board members and key volunteers to raise a significant amount of money in a one-hour luncheon. You will see first-hand how board contacts can help you reach and make the "ask" to 300 people at once with results. You may not think this is for alumni professionals, but if you run an event or have events where you are trying to get money, this information could be valuable to your success.

Alumni: For Life!
OAD: April 3rd
So you have started your alumni association or alumni relations program, and maybe you even have an advisory council, but what programming and communications tools do you have in place to better engage your alumni with your institution? This webinar will explore various methods of communication with alumni including social media, email and direct mail as well as various methods of programming that will have your alumni engaged as never before.

Clear! Shocking Your Alumni Program Back to Life
OAD: March 29th
Running out of ideas on how to revitalize your dormant alumni development program? Plan your future and position your organization for success with strategic planning.

Hearsay, Heresy and Evidence-Based Alumni Development: Research, "How-To", and ROI
OAD: March 28th
Hearsay: "I don't believe that alumni give to their 2 year alma mater..." Heresy: We haven't substantially and properly cultivated and asked our 2 year alumni.
Alumni will and do give to their two year schools, we now know that from new doctoral research, "Who Gives? Characteristics of Community College Alumni Donors" (by Dr. Lisa Skari, Highline Community College, WA) that alumni do give to two year Colleges.
At my previous college we gathered evidence that confirms Dr. Lisa Skari's breaking research. In this webinar learn how you can align your alumni program to this ground breaking research, and show that alumni development is not only a good idea, but that it can produce substantial return on your investment.

The Basics About OMB Circulars: What the Grant Applicants Need to Know
OAD: March 6th
Get an overview of the federal grant administrative regulation and cost principles for institutions of higher education, along with some tips on how to stay compliant. You will also learn the latest new OMB requirements and how to stay up to date.

The Well-Balanced Grant Development Office
OAD: March 1st
During tough economic times, it is more important than ever for grant writers to examine their overall fundraising strategy carefully and to be disciplined about the way they raise money. Grants can result in high dollar amounts, but also high workloads. Learn strategies for developing a well-balanced grants office.

Evaluation Strategies for Successful Proposals
OAD: February 23rd
Learn to develop evaluation plans that: 1) build upon a foundation of quanitfiable outcomes; 2) include formative and summative evaluation processess; 3) inlcude appropriate internal stakeholders; and 4) include external evaluations with defined deliverables. Learn when and how to incorporate research methodology and statistical analysis of outcomes in the evaluation plan to meet grantor requirements.

Title III Proposal Refresher Course
OAD: February 21st
Learn what constitutes a winning, well-integrated Title III, Strengthening Institutions, Part A proposal. The presenters will share their combined experience to help you develop a competitive application. The session will include an overview of proposal components, allowable and unallowable activities, and cautions and tips for success.

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"Coming from a career outside of academia, I had so much to learn about community college resource development when joining Victoria College in 2000. The best decision I ever made was to attend CRD’s Specialist Training Program. That experience and other CRD programming I have attended throughout the years have proven invaluable for me as a fundraiser and community college administrator. The members and leadership are always willing to share their knowledge, expertise and best practices. This has allowed Victoria College to be very successful in its resource development efforts.
And, I would be remiss if I didn’t say how much I value the friendships I have made through CRD!"

Jennifer L. Yancey
Vice President
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Victoria College,TX