Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

The Board of Directors approved the 2011-2014 Strategic Plan at their November 8, 2011, meeting. The plan was developed by the 2011 Visioning and Goals committee which was comprised of Directors from the board and members of CRD. The process included a SWOT analysis, review of trends and current developments in community college resource development, the economy, and education. The plan will be reviewed and amended annually by the Visioning and Goals Committee.

Council for Resource Development 2011-2014 Strategic Plan

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Cynthia Reyna Joomla

"CRD has been the most beneficial source of professional development in 10 years in resource development and advancement. I have benefitted from attending the annual
CRD conference, the Resource Development Boot Camp, and participating in webinars. Most importantly, the sharing and networking on the CRD listserv has enabled me to
learn, grow, and develop as a fundraising professional. Becoming a member of CRD has been the best investment in my professional career."

Cynthia Reyna
Executive Director
SouthArk Community College Foundation, AR