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Current CRD New Century Resource Papers

23. A Minor Issue: Engaging Minors in College Activities. By Phyl Renninger, Jennifer Peterson, Sarah Starkey and Tyler Winkler. 2013

The X Factor: Does Your Foundation Board Have It?. By Rebecca Teahen, Kathleen Guy, Bruce Byl, 2012.

21. Beyond the Sandbox: Building Effective and Meaningful Grant Consortia. By Deborah Douma, et al, 2012.

20. The Development Assessment: A National Study on the Functions and Effectiveness of Community College Institutional Advancement Programs. by Caroline Kelly, Lisa Gibert, L. Pendleton Armistead, 2010.

19. Grants Management: The Zen of Prevention, Preparedness, Response, and Recovery. By Elizabeth T. Gombash, 2010.

18. Exploring Factors that Impact Success in Community College Fundraising. By Para M. Jones, Ph.D., 2010.

17. The Change from a Community College to a State College. By Phyl Renninger, Ph.D., GPC, and Jennifer Peterson, GPC, 2009.

16. The Feasibility Study: A Road Map to Success. By Kristin Culp, CFRE, Marvin L. Leroy, Jr., and L. Pendleton Armistead, Ed.D., 2008.

15. The Community College Presidency: The Advancement Officer's Time Has Come. By James P. Chitwood, MPA and Steven W. Jones, Ed.D., CFRE, 2007.

14. Establishing an Institutional Review Board at a Community College. By Neil Herbkersman, Karla Hibbert-Jones, 2007.

13. The Chief Development Officer: A Job Analysis. By Dr. Mary A. Brumbach, CFRE, 2006.

12. Status of Alumni Development in America's Community Colleges. By Patty Herbin; Tonya Dittman; Jonathan Herbert; Kelsey Ebben; and Polly Binns, 2006.

11. Collaborating with Local Schools: Resources for Building Partnerships. By Dr. Mary A. Brumbach, CFRE; Kathleen K. Ridenour, 2005.

10. Using Environmental Scanning and Forecasting to Improve Strategic Planning. By Joel D. Lapin, 2005.

9. How the Federal Government Monitors and Enforce Accountability for Federal Funds. By Linda E. Dowden and Michael J. Gaudette, 2004.

8. Establishing Donor Advised Funds at Community Colleges: A Case Study. By Sarah Robison, 2004.

7. A Study of Resource Development at Community Colleges. By Sherry J. Meaders, Sharon Carrier and Barbara J. Keener, 2003.

6. Knowing Where You're Going: Strategic Planning and Community College Fundraising. By William M. Craft and Kathleen Guy, 2003.

5. Timing Right for Developing a Planned Giving Program. By Joan Edwards and Sue Hawn, 2003.

4. (2nd Edition) Community Colleges: Empowering People -Enhancing Communities. The Case for Private Philanthropic Investment. By Steven G. Budd, 2006.

4. Investing in People and Strengthening Communities Through Support of Community Colleges: A Case for Funding. By Steven Budd and John Hawkins, 2002.

03. Our Time Has Come: Fundraising in the Community College -A President's Perspective. By David Daniel, 2002.

02. The Science and Art of Proposal Writing. By Mary Brumbach, 2001

01. Grants Development at Sinclair Community College: A Case Study from a Single-campus, Urban Institution. By Neil Herbkersman, 2001

Archived Resource Papers

50. Going Public with Private Fundraising, Profiles, Patterns and Perceptions of Community College Foundation Performance. By Bert Glandon and Barbara J. Keener and The Chief Development Officer: A Job Analysis. By Mary Brumbach, 1994.

49. To Be or Not To Be: Alumni Programs at Community and Technical Colleges. By Jennifer R. Kerns (OUT OF PRINT).

48. Economic Impact Studies in Community Colleges: The Short Cut Method. By G. Jeremiah Ryan, 1992.

47. Interdisciplinary Approaches: Organizing for Effective Community College Advancement. By Nanette J. Smith, 1991.

46. Bonding to Success A $9.2 Million Story. By Stuart Abbey, 1991.

45. Evaluating A Software Package- A Checklist. By Barbara Belbeck, 1991.

44. The Evolution of Title III, Higher Education Act, 1965. By James V. Dougherty, 1990.

43. The Effective Linkage of Planning and Resource Development:A Process that Works. By William Michael Hooks and Susan E. Kelley, (Out of Print).

42. Selection of Resource Development Officers: Thoughts for Two-Year Colleges. By Diana Cook, 1989.

41. Planned and Deferred Giving, A Promising Resource For Two-Year Colleges. By Joan E. Edwards and Louis W. Bender, 1990.

40. Planning and Managing the Small Conference: A Technical Guide for Conference Organizers. By Mary Brumbach, 1987.

39. Professional Development Opportunities in Resource Development. By Lona G. Stein, 1987.

38. Check Your Land Use Practices For Income Potential. By Louis W. Bender, 1987.

37. Values and The Development Office Or, How to Keep Your Head When All Around You Are Chasing Money. By Jonathan Garlock and Fred McKee, 1986.

36. Leadership: Vision and Structure. By Warren H. Groff, 1986.

35. The Small Shop in Resource Development. By Mark Rowh, 1985.

34. Future Trends In Resource Development. By David E. Daniel, 1985.

33. Basic Information Sources on Grants: Public and Private. By Charles H. Blackledge III, 1985.

32. Institutional Advancement and the Role of the Resource Development Office. By Warren H. Groff, 1985.

31. The Art of Cultivating a Prospect. By W. Harvey Sharron., Jr., 1984.

30. Women and Community College Foundations: Getters and Givers. By Joan E. Edwards and Louis W. Bender, 1983.

29. The Resource Development Officer. By R. David Hodge, 1981.

28. Resource Development Through Consortium Approach. By Philip Petray, (No Date).

27. The Federal Contract Process: An Untapped Resource for Community Colleges. By Frank G. Adams, (No Date).

26. The Coming Changes In Our School System. By Peter F. Drucker, (No Date).

25. The Education Division General Administration Regulations and the Implications for Resource Development. By W. Harvey Sharron, Jr., 1980.

24. The Role of the College President in Resource Development. By Richard Mosier, 1980.

23. Characteristic and Conditions of a Successful Community College Foundation. By Edward F. Duffy, 1980.

22. Federal Support for Higher Education: A Look Ahead. By Shirley A. Woodie, 1979.

21. The CETA Amendments of 1978 - How They Relate to the Two-Year Educational Institution. By Dennis Linderbaum, 1979.

20. Predicable Crises in Resource Development. By Richard J. Jackson, 1979.

19. Fundamentals of Writing a Grants Proposal. By James H. Young, 1979.

18. The Development and Organization of the Community College Foundation. By W. Harvey Sharron, Jr., 1978.

17. Winning Foundation and Corporate Grants. By Christine M. Van Ness, 1978.

16. National Endowment for the Arts: What's In It For Community Colleges. By Ginger Hoffland, 1978.

15. Conditions and Factors Associated with Successful Federal Funding. By John E. Young, 1978.

14. Opportunities for Improving Science Education Using National Science Foundation Grants. By Malcolm Goldberg, 1977.

13. The IPA-An Opportunity for Intergovernmental Understanding. By Christine E. Anderson, 1977.

12. Indirect Costs: An Introduction for the Community College Development Officer. By Judson H. Flower, 1976.

11. Higher Education in the Age of The Economist and Consumer. By Carmelo L. Battaglia, 1976.

10. Government Relations in Community and Junior Colleges: Some Perspectives. By Robert J. Leo, 1976.

9. The Small College and Federal Funding. By Dr. Bonny Franke, 1976.

8. Profiles of Federal Programs Administrators in the Multi-Unit Community Colleges. By Anthony D. Calabro, 1976.

7. The Role of the Professional Educator as the College Development Officer. By Dr. James L. Wattenbarger, 1976.

6. Special Projects. By Sanford Schnedier, (No Date).

5. A Federal Glossary. By Lowell Cook and Jack Orcutt, 1975.

4b. Successful Grant Implementation or What to do After You Get It. By Barbara Young, 1980.

4a. How to be Successful at Grantsmanship, Guidelines for Proposal Writing, and Generalizations: Foundation Proposals. By Harvey Sharron, 1975.

3. Federal Relations in Community and Junior Colleges. By Jack Orcutt, 1974.

2. Funding Sources for Community Services: The State and Local Community. By Harvey Sharron, Jr., 1974.

1. Resource Development Concept: Institutional Resources. By Joyce Smitheran, 1973.


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