2013-14 Federal Funding to Two-Year Colleges Report

The 2013-2014 Federal Funding to Two-Year Colleges Report is published as an online, searchable wiki that enhances all the grant programs and agency contact information. If you wish to purchase a print copy of this report, print copies will not be made available.

Navigate to the members-only Federal Funding to Two Year Colleges Report to find the user name and password for the general membership – which is CASE SENSITIVE.  Please remember that we would like to keep the report’s availability a member privilege. You will also find a link to the PDF of the Report at the same link.

This annual report is compiled by the CRD Federal Funding Task Force which visits federal agency program officers to collect data on funding initiatives, guidelines and contacts. The research and reports provided by CRD members makes this publication the definitive source for insight into the changing landscape of federal support available to community colleges throughout the United States.

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Don MacKenzie

"Being a new Executive Director of a Community College Foundation I have found the resources available to me through CRD to be invaluable. 

The conferences I have attended and the interaction with my colleagues from across the country have immensely accelerated my learning curve.

Thank you CRD for the role that you play in helping me positively affect the students of GRCC!"

Don MacKenzie
Executive Director
Grand Rapids Community College Foundation, MI