Federal Funding to Two-Year Colleges Report
CRD annually publishes a report that summarizes federal categorical aid program awards to two-year colleges. CRD members may access the 2012-2013 Federal Funding to Two Year Colleges Report on the FFTF Wiki.

This publication reports trends, issues, activities, advice, and practices in seeking grants and fundraising to enable CRD members to better serve their colleges.
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CRD Resource Papers

CRD sustains a collection of current research and resource papers directly related to community college fundraising, with new works published annually for the membership.

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Short briefs on current topics of interest.

Archived Publications
CRD maintains stock of older resources that are still valuable to development professionals.

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Jennifer Yancey Joomla

"Coming from a career outside of academia, I had so much to learn about community college resource development when joining Victoria College in 2000. The best decision I ever made was to attend CRD’s Specialist Training Program. That experience and other CRD programming I have attended throughout the years have proven invaluable for me as a fundraiser and community college administrator. The members and leadership are always willing to share their knowledge, expertise and best practices. This has allowed Victoria College to be very successful in its resource development efforts.
And, I would be remiss if I didn’t say how much I value the friendships I have made through CRD!"

Jennifer L. Yancey
Vice President
College Advancement & External Affairs
Victoria College,TX