Listserv Guidelines

Listserv Guidelines

  • Always include your personal contact information (name, institution, phone, email).
  • Use either HTML or plain text email format for best results.
  • Choose a subject line that clearly describes your question or post.  Examples: Grants: Title III eligibility question, Foundation: Organizing a board retreat, Alumni: Defining an alum
  • Hitting "reply" to a Listerv message (with [crd] in the subject line) will immediately send your message to the entire list - more than 800 members!
  • Please do not reply to the list with a "me too" or "I am also interested" message. It is good Listserv etiquette to share responses with the entire list whenever possible.
  • You cannot recall a message that you have sent to the Listserv.
  • To request that a message be removed from the archives, send us an This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • All list messages are archived and searchable. You can view messages by month, either chronologically or by thread. From an archived message, you can resend it to yourself, reply to the sender, or reply to the whole list.

Don MacKenzie

"Being a new Executive Director of a Community College Foundation I have found the resources available to me through CRD to be invaluable. 

The conferences I have attended and the interaction with my colleagues from across the country have immensely accelerated my learning curve.

Thank you CRD for the role that you play in helping me positively affect the students of GRCC!"

Don MacKenzie
Executive Director
Grand Rapids Community College Foundation, MI