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4 Reasons Why I Want You to “Stop By Human Resources”

When you arrived at work this morning, you were greeted by your manager, and he/she relayed the message that I wanted to see you in Human Resources. I get it, it kind of feels like getting called to the principal’s office, and you are suddenly nervous.

Often unexpectedly, I call for you to come to see me, and this puts you on edge. That’s why I decided to have this little chat with you. You see, I don’t think you understand my job very well, but I know yours, inside and out.

Can We Talk?

To be perfectly honest, the odds are high that you are coming in to sign paperwork of some form. Maybe it’s your 401k, or you were just married and have to change your tax information, or possibly your company insurance just had their enrollment drive, and you missed a signature line.

What I’m trying to say is, the likelihood you are in some form of trouble isn’t as great as that instant “uh-oh!” feeling you may have as you head to my office. Honestly, if you are a good employee, you’re probably not in trouble.

But I ALREADY Signed Those Documents!

That may not be my reason, I could be reviewing your performance, or I could need to know how you feel about another employee, your manager, this company. You should know I wear many hats here. Perhaps I want to make sure you’re signed up for the company ball team, or find out what you’re bringing to the big potluck this weekend. Any of these questions fall under my duties.

There could be new uniforms delivered for you, or I might need to how many boxes of product can be safely palletized. I may be letting you know you’ll be training someone, or ask for suggestions for a retiring coworkers’ party.

Our Boss Made Me Do It

I’m responsible for a variety of duties as your HR manager, like hiring new employees, walking them through orientation procedures, and placing them where they will benefit the company the most. Sure, there’s a chance that the position they fill isn’t for them, it’s my job to discover why, and where they would might be happier.

When your kid was sick last week, you called me to request time off. I’m also the one who schedules everyone’s vacations so that no department is left short-handed while employees are enjoying their R&R.

I’m Always Here for You

Whatever the reason, I want you to know that I’m here to make your job easier. I want you to come to me when you have a problem, and I also want to know when you’re happy with your work. This is my favourite part of my job, being able to support you, and help you work out any issues. I want you to look forward to coming to my office because happy employees make any business so much better.